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The Center for Applied Research
Economics in Action

Our practice is built on economics and the utilization of state-of-the-art economic modeling and analytical techniques.

Our project experience reflects our interest in and knowledge of the policies and social dynamics that shape the economies of the western United States, including the development and regulation of energy resources, tourism, outdoor recreation, agriculture, immigration, and federal land and resource management.

Within this diverse range of experience, a special focus on land use and land valuation has emerged, allowing us to become informed advocates of fairness in the monetary valuation and compensation for the use of public lands in the American West.

We are adept at reconciling private interests with public values, and we have served a diverse roster of clients: those who produce and transmit energy; those who deliver recreational experiences; and those who safeguard the environment through the establishment and judicious use of public and private trust land. Fairness is what reconciles our work and makes the goals of our clients compatible.

Using a powerful set of data-driven research tools, we are able to assist clients find a desired balance between preservation and development, between the need for industry and the need to protect cultural and environmental resources.

Our staff leads the field in best practices for economic modeling, fiscal impact assessment, socio-economic environmental studies, damage assessment, public finance and feasibility analysis.

We are also using economics to conjure the future of the West. Trending and forecasting markets has become an increasingly important endeavor at the Center for Applied Research.

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