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Public and Trust Land Valuation

The Center has been called upon by a variety of clients to establish a fair market value for rights-of-way and property easements. Primarily this service has been requested by federally recognized Indian tribes in their efforts to obtain adequate monetary compensation for their land during electric, natural gas, water line, and road-way rights-of-way negotations. Over the years the Center has worked with numerous Indian tribes in this capacity and has garnered several million dollars for its clients.

A full list of projects under this category can be found in the Center's project database.

Representative Projects
A Determination of the Economic Value of the National Marine Sanctuaries
U.S. Department of Commerce
The Center formulated economic values for six United States National Marine Sanctuaries in the Pacific Northwest and Atlantic Northeast, on behalf of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration of the U.S. Department of Commerce.
The Center developed monetary values for various International Paper land holdings in six southeastern states.
Valuation of Inter-State Fiber Optic Corridors and Rights of Way
International Paper Corporation
Valuation of a Proposed Electric Transmission Line Right of Way
RPC Investment Group
The Center integrated an analysis of the need for a proposed transmission line in west Texas with a valuation of the right-of-way for a private property owner. The Center also prepared testimony in the case dealing with the condemnation and taking of the landowner’s property and presented findings to the Texas Public Utilities Commission.
Supported by the Center’s valuation and negotiation; Kinder-Morgan Pipeline Company, land owners, environmental advocates and the County reached agreement on the value of a right of way for a natural gas pipeline obtained through the exercise of eminent domain and condemnation.
Right of Way Valuation for a Natural Gas Pipeline near Aspen, Colorado
Pitkin County Colorado, Board of County Commissioners
Valuation of Easements for Electric Transmission Lines and a Natural Gas Pipeline
San Felipe Indian Tribe of New Mexico
The Center calculated easement values for electric and natural gas rights-of-way on the San Felipe Reservation and aided in the settlement negotiations between the Tribe and Public Service Company of New Mexico, and between the Tribe and New Mexico Gas Company.
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