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Integrated Resource Management Planning

The Center provides natural resource planning expertise to Native American Indian tribes to develop Integrated Resource Management Plans (IRMP) that provide management goals and objectives for natural and cultural resources. The planning effort includes community involvement through surveys and workshops to help tribes develop a vision for the future of their nation, pueblo, community, or reservation and the planning tools to achieve it.

A full list of projects under this category can be found in the Center's project database.

Representative Projects
Integrated Resource Management Plan
Bishop Paiute Tribe, Bishop California
The Center is currently developing an Integrated Resource Management Plan for the Bishop Paiute Tribe that addresses critical issues of land acquisition and water rights. The integrated planning effort includes a community survey, development of a land use plan, an update of the Forest Management Plan and the development of an Agriculture Plan in conjunction with the Natural Resource Conservation Service. The IRMP will also provide goals and objectives for fish and wildlife and habitat for sensitive species.
The Trinidad Rancheria in Northern California is developing a Master Plan for the Rancheriaís lands near the communities of Trinidad and McKinleyville. The Center is preparing the IRMP in coordination with the Master Plan consultants, the Local Government Commission. The IRMP emphasizes natural resource management of both terrestrial and oceanographic resources that have important cultural significance to the Yurok, Wiyot, Hupa, Tolowa and Chetco members of the Rancheria. The Center also coordinated the development of a Forest Management Plan with subconsultants, Baldwin, Blomstrom, Wilkinson, and Associates.
Integrated Resource Management Plan and Forest Management Plan
Trinidad Rancheria
Integrated Resource Management Plan
Round Valley Indian Tribes, Mendocino County, California
The Center completed a comprehensive planning effort with the Round Valley Indian Tribes to develop planning goals and objectives for their natural, cultural and human resources. The Center prepared an exhaustive inventory of existing resource conditions and planning issues and conducted a community survey to assess management priorities and concerns of the tribal community. Through a series of focus groups and management workshops, planning goals and objectives were prepared and reviewed by the Tribal Council. Existing plans such as the Forest Management Plan and the Rangeland Grazing Management Plan were incorporated into the IRMP and the Center developed a Land Use Plan for future growth.
The Center prepared an extensive resource inventory and facilitated the development of planning goals and objectives affecting the management of the Pueblo's natural and cultural resources. The Center provided community outreach programs to inform tribal members in concert with a community survey and presented the plan to the Tribal Council where it was unanimously adopted.
Integrated Resource Management Plan
Pueblo de San Ildefonso, New Mexico
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