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Energy Policy Analysis

The Center has extensive experience in creating plans for developing energy and natural resource potential for its clients. Its projects include Integrated Resource Management Plans (IRMPs) for tribal clients, asessments of regulatory policy change, restructuring of utilities, identification of consumer preferences, analysis of energy and natural resource opportunities, and many more.

A full list of projects under this category can be found in the Center's project database.

Representative Projects
Electric Resource Options for the Rocky Mountain West
U.S. Department of Energy
This multi-year program evaluated the impact of conservation, energy efficiency and renewable energy development in the western United States. Research focused on four primary stakeholder interests: 1) investor owned utilities; 2) public power interests; 3) regulatory bodies; and 4) renewable energy advocacy organizations.
The Center conducted a nationwide survey of public agencies utilizing renewable energy and energy efficient technologies. The Center used the survey results to describe the effects of renewable energy use on the nation's overall energy consumption.
An Inventory of Conservation and Energy Efficient Technologies
National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Implications of FERC Rulemaking Concerned with Deregulation
Colorado Public Utilities Commission
The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s Orders promoting wholesale competition in the electrical industry changed utility resource planning significantly. The Center analyzed the implications of FERC Orders relative to regional reliability and pricing of electricity. The Center also assisted the Colorado PUC in conducting a joint open meeting with the Wyoming Public Utilities Commission to evaluate the FERC Orders.
The Center prepared an extensive resource inventory and facilitated the development of planning goals and objectives affecting the management of the Pueblo's natural and cultural resources. The Center provided community outreach programs to inform tribal members in concert with a community survey and presented the plan to the Tribal Council where it was unanimously adopted.
Integrated Resource Management Plan
Pueblo de San Ildefonso, New Mexico
A Plan to Achieve Tribal Ownership of the Boysen Bureau of Reclamation Hydroelectric Facility
Holland and Knight, LLP
This study documented the feasibility of the Eastern Shoshone and Northern Arapaho Tribes assuming ownership of a U. S. Bureau of Reclamation reservoir located on the Wind River Indian Reservation in Wyoming.
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