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Environmental and Economic Damage Assessment

The Center’s staff boasts a wide range of past project experience with visitation studies and economic impact assessments related to tourism activity and environmental hazards. These projects have typically entailed developing an economic impact model, defining appropriate sectors for analysis, gathering primary and secondary data from a variety of sources, estimating the direct impacts and utilizing input-output models (such as IMPLAN) to calculate secondary impacts. Economic impact assessments completed by the Center’s staff include a comprehensive assessment of the economic impacts associated with a proposed expansion of the Santa Fe Ski Basin, and an evaluation of the economic impacts of the Cerro Grande Wildfire in Los Alamos County, New Mexico.

A full list of projects under this category can be found in the Center's project database.

Representative Projects
The Economic Impact of the Cerro Grande Wildfire
FEMA/Department of Homeland Security
The Center established a monetary value of business, financial and property losses caused by the Cerro Grande fire in northern New Mexico. The Center also helped prepare comprehensive re-development plans for affected property owners, counties and local government jurisdictions.
Selected energy efficiency and renewable energy programs were evaluated by the Center to determine their potential impact on the stated goals of the Grand Canyon Visibility Transport Commission established by the EPA.
An Assessment of the Goals and Recommendations of the Grand Canyon Visibility Transport Commission
U.S. Department of Energy
The Economic and Fiscal Impact of Coal Mining in King County, Washington
U.S. Department of the Interior
The Center prepared the socioeconomic, socio-cultural and land use sections of an Environmental Impact Statement prepared by the U.S. Office of Surface Mining in connection with a permit application for a coal mine in Washington state. This work included an assessment of the mine’s impacts on a neighboring alderwood forest and local smoked salmon enterprises.
The Center conducted a comprehensive analysis of potential environmental hazards associated with a buried petroleum products pipeline linking El Paso, Texas and Albuquerque, New Mexico.
Studies of the ChevronTexaco Pipeline on the Isleta Indian Reservation in New Mexico
ChevronTexaco Corporation
The Gunnison County Economy in the Twenty-First Century
Red Lady Coalition
The Center utilized input-output economic modeling to inventory and document the economic drivers of Gunnison County, Colorado for the purpose of quantifying the effect of amenity-based transactions on the Crested Butte economy.
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