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Economic, Demographic, and Fiscal Modeling

The Center’s staff has extensive experience designing and managing quantitative research studies. This experience includes sample design aimed at ensuring statistical reliability, development of survey instruments, implementation of telephone, mail or intercept surveys, analysis of research findings, and presentation of conclusions and recommendations. On all of these assignments, the Center utilizes statistical software packages such as Stata or SPSS to conduct statistical analyses of research results, including descriptive statistics, cross tabulations and regression analyses.

A full list of projects under this category can be found in the Center's project database.

Representative Projects
Indian Tribes and the US Economy
U.S. Senate Indian Affairs Committee
To document the relationships between Indian reservations, state economies, and the US economy, the Center developed an inter-state economic model to characterize these flows of economic activity. The results of this work were presented in hearings before the US Senate Committee on Indian Affairs.
The Center prepared a detailed review of Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ) regulations and U.S. Department of Agriculture guidelines for NEPA compliance for a multi-year agriculture and solar energy technology transfer program.
National Environmental Policy Act Compliance for USDA Grant Programs
Arid Lands Development Fund/Ramat Negev, Israel
The Economic Future of the Horse Racing Industry in New Mexico
The New Mexico Horsemen’s Association
The Center documented the steady decline in popularity and loss of the market-share of live horse racing events to other gaming and entertainment choices in New Mexico, and offered an analysis of alternative futures that confront the industry.
The Center documented the economic and revenue effects on the state and local governments in Washington that could be attributable to the investor-owned Washington Water Power utility.
The Economic Relationships Between Washington Water Power and State and Local Government in Washington
Washington Water Power
The New Mexico Economy and the Economic and Fiscal Importance of Indian Reservations
Bank of America and Wells Fargo Foundation
The Center developed a demographic and economic model as part of a comprehensive state-wide research effort documenting the economic and fiscal relationship between the State Government of New Mexico and the State’s 22 Indian reservation economies.
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