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Local Government Clients

The professional staff of the Center for Applied Research has been involved in projects at all levels of local and county government.

Whether creating a strategic economic development plan for Carlsbad, NM, or valuating and negotiating an electric utility right-of-way for Pitkin County, CO, the Center delivers more than 20 years of experience in best practices for economic modeling, fiscal impact assessment, socio-economic environmental studies, damage assessment, public finance and feasibility analysis.

For a full list of representative projects please visit the project database.


Products and Services

  • Evaluation of economic relationships between state and local governments and Indian reservations
  • Fiscal analysis and forecasting
  • Regulatory and public policy design
  • Socioeconomic impact modeling
  • Population and demographic studies
  • Cost/benefit and feasibility analysis
  • Land valuation
  • Economic impact assessments
  • Strategic economic development plans
  • Evaluation of energy deregulation
  • Input-output economic modeling
  • Comprehensive land use planning
  • Renewable energy development
  • Franchise agreement negotiations

Representative Clients

  • Western Area Power Administration
  • State of Wyoming Governor's Office
  • Colorado Public Utilities Commission
  • Western Governors's Association
  • The City and County of Denver
  • The City of Santa Fe, New Mexico
  • Pitkin County, Colorado
  • City of Aspen, Colorado
  • Jackson/Teton County, Wyoming

Representative Projects

Carlsbad, NM Department of Development
Strategic Economic Development Plan: Carlsbad and Eddy County, New Mexico and the WIPP
The Center, together with Tripp Umbach of Pittsburgh, prepared a Strategic Economic Development Action Plan for the City of Carlsbad and Eddy County under the U.S. Department of Energy’s Community Transition Planning process. The Center was responsible for all demographic and economic analysis for the project, including projections of workforce, employment, output and other economic conditions over the planning period.
The Center for Applied Research assisted the City of Santa Fe in its negotiations with Public Service of New Mexico for a new franchise agreement, and provided analysis and consultation regarding electric deregulation in New Mexico. The Center also prepared an analysis of the options the City has to municipalize, to acquire the electric company’s distribution assets and establish a municipal utility.
City of Santa Fe, New Mexico
Franchise Agreement Negotiation and Analysis of Municipalization Opportunities
Pitkin County Colorado, Board of County Commissioners
Right of Way Negotiation for an Underground Electric Utility Transmission Line near Aspen, Colorado
The Center played a key role in the underground alignment of a controversial high voltage electric transmission line and the valuation of the right of way obtained by Holy Cross Electric. The Center reconciled and integrated Holy Cross’ condemnation-based right of way valuation with the County’s right of way valuation.
On behalf of the Borough of Ketchikan, Alaska (a USFS cooperating agency), Center staff authored the socio-economic sections of the U.S. Forest Service Environmental Impact Statement for U.S. Borax’ proposed Quartz Hill molybdenum project.
U.S. Forest Service and the Borough of Ketchikan, Alaska: Environmental Impact Statement
Socioeconomic Impact Assessment of the Quartz Hill Molybdenum Mine in the Tsongas National Forest
Pitkin County Community Development Department and Pitkin County Board of County Commissioners
An Economic Analysis of the Pitkin County Transferable Development Rights Program
The Center conducted an in-depth analysis and quantification of TDR supply and demand to provide a better understanding of the forces that drive and constrain supply and demand and influence the price of a TDR. The economic analysis of the TDR Program was used by staff and the BOCC to monitor the Program carefully and, as a matter of diligence, to quantify its potential effect on development and land use patterns.
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